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Thank you for your support

It was unfortunate that we had to cancel the new album launch tour this month due to Rob's health issues. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support for his/our recovery.

We have played so many gigs this year and covered a ridiculous amount of mileage. We've played all over the UK, Hungary twice, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. There have been some really beautiful highlights and some crippling lows. It is such a rollercoaster experience emotionally and physically that we welcome this time out to heal and feel better.

I keep meaning to write a blog about life on the road and what it's truly like. I've attempted to write it a couple of times but my head isn't in the right zone. But this small blog is basically a thank you for your understanding and support.


You can buy our albums here on the website. Please support us by sharing our videos on social media, sharing our music with your friends and family, and just stay in touch. Let us know when you are listening and dancing along. It keeps morale up, and if there's anything we need in this day and age it is morale.

Peace and love


Echo Town

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1 Comment

Martyn Wheatley
Martyn Wheatley
Dec 13, 2019

Love you guys and every tune you have ever done please please get well and better ASAP

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