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Two high spirited brothers Ric and Rob Harrison, form Echo Town, a duo intent on infiltrating the music scene with potent inspirational songs. Exploring the intersection of multiple genres in their music, Echo Town seek to inspire, motivate and captivate their audience with powerful drums, deep reverberating rhythms and invigorating lyrics. They are a conduit for musical medicine. 


Echo Town are Richard Harrison (guitar, vocals, lap slide guitar, electric guitar, harmonica and didgeridoo) and Robert Harrison (drums, percussion, vocals, djembe). Their songs range in genres but are predominantly powerful, energetic and inspirational.


To fully appreciate Echo Town’s craft and energy you must see their live show. Together on stage, the electrifying brother chemistry and camaraderie truly shines through. They spend the majority of their time smiling, relaxed and carefree, clearly at home on stage performing for their age varied audiences. Treated to thunderous drums, didgeridoo trances, powerful anthems and unpredictable jams, their audiences leave invigorated and inspired. Whilst being conduits of musical medicine, which in itself is an honour, they don’t take themselves too seriously hoping to leave any ego aside so that the music and the experience of music takes pride of place. They invite their audiences to join them in co-creating the experience so that everyone goes away refreshed and benefited. Their belief is that music is tribal, the frequencies sacred and healing, and that by coming together to enjoy musical ceremony we collectively raise the vibrational energy of each other and consequently our reality. 


In 2024 Echo Town have new music coming out for the first time in 6 years. Recording in their home studio this time they have been able to spend more time honing their craft, layering sounds, exploring new ideas and being more relaxed in the process. This has in their opinion brought out some of their best ideas for a long time. 


Whilst the last ten years has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows: touring, performing, recording and recovering, the band have some notable highlights. They have performed at some of Europes premium festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Sziget (Hungary), BioRitme (Spain) amongst many more. They have opened for some incredible acts including Xavier Rudd, Morcheeba and My Baby. 


They have 3 commercially available albums: Come On Over (2011), Be Strong Troop On (2015) and Kin (2018) all available in the online store and on streaming platforms. 


Many fans thought that Echo Town had disbanded at the end of 2019. The band at that time decided to take a break from the music industry to focus on their declining physical and mental health. In 2020 their social media was hacked, devastating their fan base and their business. It was during this period of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that Ric and Rob stepped up their healing. Ric, faced with a major health scare, quit his heavy drinking addiction and has been sober since June 2020. Rob committed to using this time to further improve his physical and mental health. They additionally made time to discuss in depth the trauma of their past as brothers and how to be able to deal with those facets of their personalities moving forward. It on this background of hardship, struggle and demons that they have found their inspiration for some of their stronger songs, most notably ‘Be Strong Troop On’. 


It is their current mission to inspire, bolster and encourage others with the songs they write and perform. 2024 sees Echo Town becoming more active in this regard with many ideas beginning to take shape, from new songs, videos and media, to possible podcasts, live streams and gatherings. 

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"Making their name across Europe as a band with a fired-up live show that rings out into the night air like a 21 gun salute"


- Total Ntertainment -

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