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What to expect from Echo Town in 2024

So, the new year is fast upon us. A time to contemplate the future and think deeply about what we can achieve in the coming year but also to think about the year past and to ponder on its beauty, its pain and its lessons. Each year brings its order and chaos and the acceptance of that can bring a greater peace to our hearts and minds. So on that note Echo Town would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the happiness in the world for the coming year. However, don't forget that when things don't go our way we can still find deep and meaningful lessons hidden within the negative. After all it's the hard times that create growth. The best stories come from those who fight demons and dragons, right?

So Me and Ric have decided that we are going to bring some epic tunes to accompany you sword wielding, dragon fighting warrior people! Yes, Echo Town has been working hard in our home built studio recording new material ready to be released into the world for people like yourselves to bop along too. Our goal is to release 12 songs in the year of 2024 to inspire and motivate each and everyone of you to pursue your goals and dreams and to fight any battle that comes your way. Expect to see new content being released on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook. We are going to release a Patreon page very soon. So for you hardcore fans please feel free to sign up and support us there, this will really help us keep delivering content to you. Music has long being a massive part of our lives and has indeed even saved our lives. So why wouldn't we want to share that with you?

We send so much love to all of you. Never stop smiling and laughing, even if life sucks at times. We are all blessed in so many ways!

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