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"Fit and Healthy"

Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to say how much we have appreciated the support we have received at recent shows. The energy everyone has brought has been epic, beautiful and needed.

I am deeply grateful for the compliments on my appearance of being "fit and healthy". Fast approaching three years sober now and I feel like a completely different person on stage. I can dance around better and I can play the didgeridoo for longer periods without feeling like I'm going to pass out.

The last two shows at The Smuggler's Den and Exeter Phoenix I did a didgeridoo trance thing in Be Strong Troop On which we have never done before. I must have played solidly for at least 4 minutes and it was beautiful to watch everyone slip into a trance with us. This wouldn't have been possible a few years ago for me without me gasping for air and going lightheaded.

Thank you for your response and your comments after the shows. Rob and I are really trying harder to soak up the praise and grow to love ourselves more.

By the way the photo is from Beltane May Day celebrations in Glastonbury. Spring is well and truly here!

Thank you and see you somewhere soon.


Echo Town

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