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Support us on GoFundMe

Hi everyone,

We have launched a GoFundMe in an attempt to mitigate the costs involved in producing more music and continuing to do what we do.

It has been tricky recently to be able to fund Echo Town while supporting ourselves, so we are asking the beautiful people who follow us to consider donating to help us keep doing what we do.

The way the music industry has gone these days it is very difficult to make a living from streaming sales, and we don't have as many gigs as we would like realistically. So we are reaching out to ensure that we can, at the very least, continue to support Echo Town with funds to make new music.

Thank you for your support and assistance. If you can't donate, please watch our social videos and keep checking out what we do so that it gets exposed to more new listeners.

P.S New song comes out on the 28th June! Shhhhhh, tell everybody!

Big love as always

Ric and Rob

Echo Town

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